The Chipettes



If the Chipettes were Destiny’s Child, Brittany would be Beyoncé. While she is no astronomer, she’s pretty sure the world revolves around her. Though she may appear self‐centered, emotional, vain, and self‐absorbed (which she is), when push comes to shove, she will ultimately do the right thing. She’s a slavish follower of fashion and believes deeply that you are what you wear. She also wants it known that she was Brittany before that Spears girl.



She often is so caught up in contemplating the universe that she forgets the simple matters of life, like not tripping over her own feet. She’s more interested in leaving a zero carbon footprint than having her socks match, and unlike her sister Brittany, Jeanette knows she’s not her looks. Jeanette is also incredibly sweet. But don’t mistake kindness for weakness. If pushed, Jeanette has a sweet, but steel spine and will stand up to a bully or her own sister if she believes they are in the wrong.



Eleanor is spirited, outgoing, athletic and extremely « Can do ». With a doily and a ball of yarn, she can out craft Martha Stewart. She’s the most popular of her sisters, with friends in every social circle. While Eleanor is the chubbiest of the three, she embraces “living large” and is a mini Olympian in any field of sport. Although she is the shortest of the girls, you can always pick her out in a crowd, just follow her infectious giggle.

The Chipette Story | The Chipmunks Channel | Part 1

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